Coastal Commercial Real Estate Property Leasing

Coastal Commercial Real Estate provides both Landlord and Tenant leasing services.

Our experience, marketing techniques, proprietary client base, and vast network of Corporate, Business, Professional & Government Decision Makers, and Owners will enable us to assist you with your leasing needs.

Lease Negotiation

CCRE has a wealth of experience in negotiating commercial lease transactions at all levels. Whether you are looking to enter into a new lease agreement, re-negotiate an existing lease, or extend an existing lease agreement, CCRE can provide quality results.

There are a large number of deal points that must be considered when negotiating commercial leases. CCRE will ensure that all points are addressed and that you are protected for the entire life of your lease.

We can structure a service to fit the needs of any client large or small. We commonly help:

  • Owners / Landlords of commercial properties in negotiations with tenants.
  • Tenants with existing leases that are looking to reduce costs.
  • Tenants with expiring leases that want to ensure their new lease is competitive with the market.

At CCRE, we have experienced staff and access to detailed real estate market information to ensure your lease remains competitive now and into the future.

Contact Coastal Commercial Real Estate today for a no-obligation professional consultation.

Commercial real estate sales, leasing, & consulting Commercial real estate sales, leasing, & consulting

Commercial real estate sales, leasing, & consulting

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