Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying commercial property is not the same as buying a house. The language is different, the challenges are different, the negotiation points are different, even the financing is different.

At Coastal Commercial Real Estate, our sales agents are dedicated to commercial real estate. They have long histories of working with commercial property buyers and sellers and understand the unique process. Their commitment to customer service means they work hard to find the perfect fit for you.

Why Work with a Commercial Real Estate Buyers’ Agent?


Advocate for You – we are focused on getting you the best price and terms that meet your goals.


Streamlined Searching – we understand your commercial property needs and send you only the listings that fit your criteria, saving you time.

Market Trends

Market Trends – we closely track growth and market trends in the communities we serve, which means we know going market rates, rising neighborhoods, and historical data for South Coast commercial property.

Network Professionals

Our depth of experience and involvement in local communities means that we have a network of resources – attorneys, surveyors, contractors, engineers, architects, and more – that specialize commercial property and can be consulted to get your deal done.

No Cost

There is no cost to you – the seller usually pays the commission.

When you are buying a commercial property, make sure you have a dedicated commercial sales agent on your side. Call us today to start exploring the current opportunities.

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12 Tips for Strategic Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Twelve amazing tips that will help you value your property, lease vacant space, and find the perfect location for your business.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Know your market
  • Attracting tenants
  • Lease vs. Buy
  • Much more!